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2 min readJan 24, 2022


Leading your team into a new future

While humanity’s fate may not rest on your shoulders, the future of your company does, and its survival could depend on your ability to look ahead and lead your team toward the company’s vision. As co-founder of Innosight Mark W. Johnson advises, leaders need to turn visionary thinking into breakthrough growth and begin leading from the future.

With COVID-19 causing a massive disruption globally, most industries and leaders find themselves trapped in the present due to lack of vision, focus, poor leadership, or the right tools to forge a sustainable future. But, if you are to preserve the lifeline of your company, you can’t afford to be imprisoned in the here and now.

Expert insights on the next normal

For leaders to thrive in the present and post age of this pandemic, they must build or possess vigorous, mindsets necessary to reinventing today while creating a stronger tomorrow.

On the brighter side, experts predict that the trends uncovered and surging from the COVID-19 pandemic will be long-standing and critical in the evolution of the global economy. McKinsey Global Publishing group suggests that companies should adopt five priorities while navigating trends that influence the future.

Five Priorities To Adopt:

  1. Center strategy on stability
  2. Transform in the cloud
  3. Cultivate your talent
  4. Press the need for speed
  5. Operate with purpose



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